Enrique Firpi

Enrique Firpi was born in 1960 in Uruguay. He has been one of the most popular drummers in his homeland since his professional career started at the age of 14. In that period he was playing already at all kind of different venues like bars, nightclubs and theatres. He worked as a recording artist as well as playing in TV shows. He also accompanied some famous artists such as Jose Carbajal "Él Sabalero", Fernando y Tequinha, Alberto Magnone, Telecataplum, Pool’s band with Edgardo Rigaud, Walter "Cafe" Rivero and Beatriz Aguiar, Carlos Scordamaglia, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Monico Aguilera, Eduardo Tancredi, Jorge Camiruaga and many others.
At that time, Enrique already played so many different styles of music and developed his amazing flexibility and diversity.
Enrique moved to Holland in 1987 where he is living since. In Europe he developed his diversity as a drummer even further. He deeply went into new styles such as pop music and Jazz and combined them with his Latin American background. His great diversity and musicality made him one of the most asked for Latin and jazz drummers in the Netherlands. During his time in Europe Enrique has been recording a countless amount of CD’s and was performing all over the world with artists such as Fernando Lameirinhas, Laura Fygi, Leonardo Amuedo, Josee Koning, Lilian Vieira, Randal Corsen, Bye-Ya, Izaline Calister and Deborah J Carter just to name a few.
Enrique is currently working as guest teacher at the conservatories of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht.