PlatoMania [full review]
[...] Torriente together with the Afro-Cuban percussion of Kerkhoff and the 'baby-bass' of Paauwe provides of a wonderful supple and reserved swing to which Corsen and Hoogendijk can improvise to their heart's content. With 'Dos' Bye-Ya! proves again that musicians with different backgrounds can form a unique and coherent unity thanks to the love and passion for music.

Draai Om Je Oren [full review]
Dazzling and fresh: on their second album [...] the multinational quintet Bye-Ya! brings a sparkling mix of Latin-American music and jazz. Where a lot of other bands in this genre create their sound with big horn sections and are filled to the rim with drums and percussion, Bye-Ya! does it with a relatively small line-up. The sound of the band thus acquires an enjoyable transparency. [...]

JazzDimensions [full review]
[...] The five musicians from Bye-Ya! [...] have succeeded in connecting Latin and Jazz [red] with each other in a playful and original way, yet don't do this - like so many others - at all costs. Precisely this feeling for the right mix makes "Dos" such a damn good jazz album. [full review]
[...] what stands out directly is that every form, style or rhythm is being applied, but immediately is released and reformed into something different. [...]If you didn't know it already, you will hear that this music has originated at the moment and has been created in freedom. It's often - just like other Latin - very rhythmical and energetic, but Bye-Ya! goes ten steps further than bolero, son or salsa.

All About Jazz [full review]
Need a jolt? Feel like dancing? Or just need assurance the state of Latin jazz is alive and well?
This superb recording should accomplish all of those things in spades.
[...] this is a band. They sound so relaxed and unhurried in what they're doing, like five people working together for the common good [...]
"Bye-Ya" is a little bit of Saturday night courtesy of the Latin Jazz Quintet.
Highly recommended.

Brabants Dagblad [full review]
[...] this quintet, in their small line up, succeeds in completely presenting the energetic explosions of Latin-American music.Where usually choirs of trumpets and rows of percussionists are needed to create the full sound of this music, here it is done by only five instrumentalists. And they are strong solo players as well. The music swings and dances [...]. In short, Latin-jazz for enthusiastic listening or elaborate dancing.

Oye-Listen! [full review]
[...] they prove to have a vision of what they see as Latin jazz.
[...]Ladies and gentlemen, Holland has gained a great and promising Latin jazz quintet. This CD is the undeniable evidence of this fact.

Rotterdams Dagblad [full review]
Nice surprise! [...] This is different! Because of the great piano player Randal Corsen [...], the pleasantly modest Cuban drummer Liber Torriente [...], but above all because of the trumpet player Jarmo Hoogendijk. [...] You don't hear this so often in Latin jazz [...] Hoogendijk plays very intimate and jazzy solo's. [...]

Jazz (nu) [full review]
[...] He [Jarmo Hoogendijk] is in great shape and playing with a relaxed swing because the band's rhythmical accompaniment functions in an eminent way. [...] Because of the effortless mixing of pure Afro-Cuban rhythm with powerful hardbop, with a snuff of fusion, 'Bye-ya!' is a good accession for the latin jazz scene.

Muziek Wereld: [full review]
The quintet plays a combination of own compositions and self arranged standards at a very high level. [...] The quality of the recording [...] is outstanding!
This CD is highly recommendable!

Oye-Listen! (concert-review): [full review]
[...] It is obvious that these musicians are enjoying each other.[...] And with every reason because the band was giving a great concert.[...]
Vaya BYE-YA!

NRC-Handelsblad (concert-review): [full review]
[...] A trumpet can cry, scream, howl and laugh and Hoogendijk has enough talent and the right temperament to show it all. The rest of the band [...] plays with the same enthusiasm. Therefore [...] the audience gets effectively pepped up, just like on the debut-CD [...].
A band which masters their thing so well can stick out their neck without worrying.

Dagblad De Limburger: [full review]
BYE-YA! [...] shows us that Latin means more than shameless 'rampetamp'-music. This is especially due to the rhythm-section which swings with a beautiful subtility.
[...] Let's face it, this is a debut with every right to be there!

Darmstaedter Echo (concert-review): [full review]
[...] These young musicians prove [...] that they have a promising road ahead.
[...] The music of BYE-YA! strongly gives live to a successful merge of progressive jazz and Latin American tradition.